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Herbert T. Walker, III
   HTW Property Management  
  Cincinnati, Ohio 

HTW Property Management is a Cincinnati Property Management real estate company specializing in residential property management. We know Cincinnati properties, commercial and residential.

 Our HTW Property Management team can handle: Maintenance, Leasing, Bookkeeping, Advertising and Field Representatation.  HTW Property Management is managed by an experienced, qualified professional who holds a Master’s Degree in Community Planning.

HTW Property Management has been in business since 1999.  We feel our company is unique in the marketplace in 9 different areas:

 1. Experience:  There is not another property manager in our marketplace that has the breadth, depth and longevity that I have had with residential income property. I have not only managed residential income property but commercial property as well.

2. Full Service Property Management:  We may be the only true full service property management company in the area. When we say it is "full" service we mean just that. We handle all special circumstances that may come up on your property and then some. Unlike most other property management companies in our area we do not charge hourly rates for services that are deemed by the industry as "special services." We don't deem anything as a special service.  That includes the supervision of improvements to a newly vacated or newly purchased property to get it rent ready, even if you are a brand new client to our company. It also includes handling tenant issues in small claims court or appeals over a Homeowners Association violation and/or fine.

 3. Tenant Screening:  We do everything that is legally possible when screening a potential tenant. This includes doing an interior inspection of your property 90-120 days after the tenants move in. This is done to double check our screening process and to confirm that the tenant is living in the clean, responsible manner we felt they would when we approved them. The greatest concentration of effort of all of our services goes into the screening process because we recognize that it is the most critical of all the services that we provide.

 4. Cost Savings:  We have worked very hard over the years to find the best vendors possible at the most reasonable cost to our clients. We currently have long term relationships with highly professional vendors who are not only good at what they do but most importantly are accountable for their work. An example is our relationship with our handyman who I refer to as the best deal in town. He is a highly skilled, independent contractor with 21 years of experience who only does work for our company, can be at any emergency we have in 20 minutes, and charges the extremely reasonable rate of $35 per hour.

 5. Flexibility:  We have a range of management fees from 5% to 10%. Each level is based on the amount of participation, if any, that the owner wants to have in the management of their property. Please email us at for an explanation of these different levels of service or we can fax or email you a detailed written description of each level of service. In addition, we are also able to adjust our management style to the specific needs and wants of every individual owner. This can range from owners using their own preferred vendors to adding preferred rental agreement clauses to our rental agreement and much more. We do an extensive three page questionnaire on each and every owner/property so that is managed in a style that fits the individual owner's wishes.

 6. Accessibility:  We are organized in a way that allows my staff to work at maximum efficiency and therefore can provide services that other companies do not have. My staff works as a team to make sure that all of the properties we manage are overseen so that any problems that may arise can be addressed as quickly as possible. They excel at communication and follow through which are cornerstones of our business. This efficiency allows me to be available at all times so that you do not have to go through a chain of command to get to the decision maker. Every owner has my cell phone number and I take calls 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

 7. Simplicity:  Please take a look at my management agreement before you sign any other one. You will find it to be the shortest, most owner-friendly management agreement in the marketplace. There is even a release clause in it that allows you to terminate our services with 30 days notice at no cost to you. We agree on a monthly management fee, my company takes care of everything other than those items you wish to be personally involved in and you get your money directly deposited into your account, on time, every month. Simple, easy and stress free.

 8. Specialization:  We do residential property management and only residential property management. By being focused on only one of the varied areas of property management, we feel it has allowed us to become extremely efficient and competent. This results in our being able to provide the very best of service to our clients.

 9. Philosophy:  I got started in Property Management in Cincinnati by investing in my own residential real estate. I understand on a very personal level how important these assets are to each owner. I know what it is like to write a check out of my own checking/savings account because of a vacancy. I also realize that good property management is the key to a successful investment. We at HTW Property Management greatly value and respect the trust an owner extends to us when they ask us to manage their property. Your property will be cared for just as if it was one of my own properties.



Herbert T. Walker III






Herbert T. Walker III is  a licensed funeral director and licensed embalmer in ohio.  he is the principal of HTW Property management, lLC.  HTW Property management, LLC is a property management company in cincinnati, ohio.  HTW property Management is a full service property management firm doing commercial and residential property.  HTW property management is a firm that handles all aspects of property management such as tenant service, prescreen tenants, collecting rents, grass cutting, lawn service, building repairs, real estate renovation, parking lot services, cleaning.  HTW property management is large enough to serve the largest commercial account and small enough to want the business of the smallest multi-unit apartment complex.  Herbert T. Walker iII is high skilled with a graduate degree in commuity planning.  herbert t. walker iii graduated from the university of cincinnati and has done extensive studies/research on many properties in cincinnati.  herbert t. walker iii is knowledgable about communities, operations, and regulations.  herbert t. walker iii is a life-long resident of cincinnati and his family is involved in the cincinnati communities.  many people are familiar with the walker name.  

herbert t.walker iii has recently been the target of an investigative reporter in a professional trade magazine.  this magazine printed untrue statements and was full of innuendo.  however, the facts are clear: Herbert T. walker III has an impeccable background and has dedicated his life to service.  he is committed to building communites in cincinnati and improving neighborhoods in cincinnati.  the "special report" appeared to have the objective of portraying herbert t. walker iii in an  unflattering  light to no avail. 

herbert t. walker iii earned a Masters Degree in community planning from university of  cincinnati.  
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